Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Limestone hill 09.11.21: Bulbophyllum sp.

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A video I made of Bulbophyllum reticulatum orchids growing in this place:

Here are some photos of a very beautiful but temperamental species, Bulbophyllum reticulatum. This is NOT an easy species (click on the Bulbophyllum tag to locate my old B. reticulatum post) and is best left in the wild to grow and flourish. And if you can’t get to Borneo to enjoy them in situ, well, hopefully these photos will be good enough.

It gets pretty dry in such a place during the dry season, somehow, they manage to stay healthy even when growing on exposed limestone.

I am posting many of my photos here so that all who love this particular species get to see how beautiful they are when left in their natural habitat, even without flowers. I hear many covet this species but if you really love them that much, please do not buy wild Borneo collected plants! No demand means no supply, no more poaching.


A small plant on moss covered limestone.

A small colony growing on a rotting log.



Bulbophyllum reticulatum is well-known for its beautiful leaves. The red flowers are a bonus.

Also came across other Bulbophyllum species but I only took photos of one other which I believe is Bulbophyllum strangularium.

For some reason, this large woody liana broke into pieces. Note the bulbos on it.

Must have been something pretty big and violent to break such a strong and large vine. May have been a big falling boulder or a limestone slab off a nearby cliff.

This one has two seed pods and is growing on jagged limestone.

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