Monday, November 16, 2009

Trail scouting (09.11)

It is November now and the rainy season has begun in Sarawak. Although we will not see continuous rain till December, the skies are often cloudy. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to get sunny days punctuated only by sudden, short-lived showers. On such days, I like to seize the opportunity to drive out to the countryside and survey areas I have never been to looking for trails or trekking opportunities.



This looks like an interesting mountain! Wonder if there’s a trail.


There are so many small kampung or villages dotting the countrysides outside of Kuching and all throughout Sarawak. It is impossible for me to remember all the names I came across! This outing, the intention was to survey and look for potential trekking areas.


hill_paddy 1

Hill paddy planted by slash-and-burn farmers. Unfortunately, this method of farming is still practiced by many as it is quick and cheaper than spraying gallons of Round-Up (which is just as bad to the environment).



A village school far from the city.


While scouting for trails, saw the mountain in the first picture above and tried to look for a way to climb it. Ended up in this small village (above) and found a forest trail. Probably not leading to the mountain in the first pic but certainly looked interesting. Hope to get the opportunity to explore it one day.



Hanging bridge to a village, passable on foot or on motorbike.


clear_water_river 2

The villagers do their washing and take their baths in this clear-water river flowing from a nearby mountain.


clear_water_river 1

Lots of Borneo-sucker fish in this river! Great to see them but I did not bring my underwater case to take any good pics.



Ducks swim free here. Very unfortunate that the nearby village doesn’t seem to have a proper waste disposal system. Saw many trash bags and house-refuse thrown down the river bank. At least there was what looked like a make-shift trash-catcher erected across the river. But much of the refuse such as durian skins, fruit skins etc. escaped this.

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