Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Limestone hill 09.11.21: Coelogyne sp.

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The genus Coelogyne is one of my favorites. C. asperata and C. swaniana are two species which I find quite easy to grow and flower. C. asperata is also highly fragrant. Besides being low-maintenance, they multiply fast too. Some other species are pretty difficult though, especially the high altitude species. On this hill, I encountered at least 3 species of Coelogyne.

I am placing photos of Pholidota in here as well. Only managed to photograph one flowering plant. It was growing on a limestone wall completely covered with moss.

Like a string of beads, the small flowers are less than a centimeter across.

They can be found growing on tree trunks as well as on rock.


The following photo is of various orchids growing on a slope. The most abundant are Coelogyne orchids. There are at least three different species here. Coelogyne asperata, C. foerstermannii and C. swaniana.


Besides Coelogyne, there are also other orchids such as Eria pulchella, Dendrochilum sp., Thelasis sp. and Chelonistele sp.

Coelogyne swaniana colony on limestone.

Coelogyne swaniana on limestone.

Another very healthy colony on limestone. There is a lot of leaf litter around the roots but not enough to create a thick layer of humus.

I believe there is also C. motleyi here as well but didn’t see any in flower.

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daniel said...

wow I think it would be amazing going into the wild and finding all those orchids that I had never seen, that should be a terrific experience for me, thanks for sharing!

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