Monday, December 19, 2011

Absolute Tribal @ Hills mall

Had dinner at Absolute Tribal, Hills shopping mall (which is one of the emptiest malls I've ever been to, I think Electra house has more patrons and shops?? People seem to come here just to eat at the various food outlets), Kuching. Friend's party. Never ate there before. Thai food, not bad, tasty but a bit too spicy for my taste. Those who love spicy Thai food would probably really like it here.

Amusing story, after our friend (who was buying dinner to celebrate a major milestone in his life, congrats again buddy!) told us to order our drinks, one of us tried to order a cup of coffee and the waitress, instead of taking his order said "you know how much a cup is? It is RM9!" as if she was afraid my friend couldn't afford a cup. Maybe she meant well (since our other friend was buying dinner), or maybe she was trying to sell the cup along with the coffee, who knows really. Of course, friend who ordered the coffee (or tried to anyway) felt quite insulted!

Anyway I am blogging from the Samsung Tab (bloggedroid app) so I can't format this entry properly.

Food ran out quickly cause I think more people turned up than our host expected so friend went to order more and the extra food came ON THE HOUSE! Nice, ya? Didn't get shots of all the dishes that came out though but we had fried chicken meat in batter, fried fish balls, very spicy Thai salad, mix veges, tom yam soup, spicy fried fish and fruits for dessert. More importantly, everyone had a good time and we stayed till closing time.

The atmostphere in the restaurant is very good, very cosy and they do have lunch specials too, walk in and check it out yourself.

Last three photos (all taken with the Tab): restaurant interior (more tables and private rooms inside), specials menu (the friendly tauke waving goodbye to us in the background) and Christmas carolers in the empty shopping mall.

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

I must have looked a little from the hills or jungles to the waitress at Starbucks in KL...I ordered expresso...and she asked.."Do you know expresso comes in a small cup?" or did I look aggressive enough to ask..."Why this cup of coffee so small and throw the little tiny weenie cup at her face!!" hahahah Some waitresses need to be trained...Their mothers did not train them well most people would say...

sarawaklens said...

@sarawakiana, hahaha or you could have answered "as long as it's not smaller than your brain, cause I can't imagine anything smaller. Now bring me my espresso!" LOL

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