Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ba’kalalan rice fields


Can’t wait to return to the Kelabit highlands next year! Very scenic place. This time, we’re going earlier in the year so hopefully the scenery will be different. Perhaps different species of plants in flower too.

These photos were taken last year when we attempted to climb Mount Murud but only made it to Church Camp due to bad weather. Still, we had a wonderful time and I enjoyed every single minute of my time spent in the highlands.


If you’re thinking about visiting Bakalalan, don’t think, just go! :)


John Borneo said...

t been there...hope to go one day..very very nice photos!thanks.

sarawaklens said...

@John, thanks. Don't forget to visit Bario too!

Ann said...

Are you visiting or returning? I have relatives from Bario.

sarawaklens said...

@Ann, visiting. Have you been to Bario?

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