Friday, December 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 first impressions

I'm creating this entry entirely on a galaxy tab 10.1 on loan to me for testing purposes. I'm trying to decide if it is the right tab for me and so far I do like it but it is missing some features that I'm looking for in a tablet. Most notably, missing SD card slot means I can't easily transfer files to it such as music files, photos and movies for viewing while taking the tab on an extended journey.

Unlike the galaxy tab 7 and 7 plus, it has no mobile phone functions and therefore cannot make or receive any calls. The size is right for using as a blogging or writing tool on the road. I am finding the android keyboard a joy to use as I can quickly type without making too many mistakes thanks to the auto correct feature and fairly large screen real estate.

The default keyboard is the Samsung keyboard which offers predictive text, completing your words for you as you type but this proved extremely frustrating as it would often pick the wrong words. Turning off auto completion helps but overall the Samsung keyboard is just not as intuitive as the normal android keyboard. For example, I can easily access the most used quotation marks such as parentheses, exclamation marks and question marks by clicking the shift key on the android keyboard. On the Samsung keyboard however, words are automatically capitalized mid sentence when pressing the shift key to access certain quotation marks. Very frustrating.

Typing in text fields such as search fields in websites with the Samsung keyboard can also be slow and unresponsive, I have to retype or reload even, to get the right text typed in before I can click 'search.

The tab 10.1 uses honeycomb which I am liking a lot. The tab 7 plus uses the same OS. I will have to try out that model too before I decide on which one is right for me but if voice calls is what I need then I guess it's going to be either the Samsung Note or 7 Plus.

Playing games on this thing is a joy by the way. Smooth and beautiful graphics too. The battery lasts quite a while too, a single charge gives me several hours (more than 6 hours) of playtime even with wifi and 3g on.

Anyway, more later when I can create a proper entry on my laptop. Here's a photo of my messy orchid shade house taken just a moment ago with this tab... no time for more photos.

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