Thursday, December 1, 2011

Flash floods at waterfalls are very real!

Before and after (lower photo)

Beautiful morning so went hiking, visited some very beautiful waterfalls. Then it started to get cloudy…

I got up to the upper level of the three tier waterfall and was busy snapping photos when the raindrops began to fall. I quickly climbed back down to the lower level, within minutes the water volume increased drastically even though the rain wasn’t heavy. I yelled loudly at friend who was still taking photos on the other side and thankfully he heard me and rushed back to safer, higher ground.

Though the rain wasn’t heavy and lasted only a few minutes, the waterfalls turned into raging monsters and I noticed the water level rise by about a foot in a matter of minutes.

Flash floods are very real and it is always dangerous to visit waterfalls during the rainy season. The day may start out nice and sunny but the weather could turn at anytime… take caution, explorers!

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