Saturday, December 3, 2011

Small herb with minty roots (wintergreen)


I do not know the actual name of this small herb but I’ve heard it called “wintergreen” before, perhaps because its roots give off a strong but pleasant minty smell.


It’s a rather common herb which grows in the lowlands as well as the highlands; I’ve found in growing along busy roads and in disturbed, open areas sometimes covering large patches like a prolific weed. I’ve also found in growing in Mesilau, Kinabalu National Park (Sabah).

The herb growing in Mesilau, Kinabalu National Park (Sabah).

If you see one growing in your backyard, uproot it and give the roots a sniff, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the nice minty smell.

I’d love to know the real name and scientific name, if anyone knows, do leave a comment or send me a note. I wonder if it has any medicinal properties…

Here it is growing in a disturbed area together with a terrestrial orchid, Eulophia graminea, which is sometimes known as the football field orchid as it used to be easy to find it in open fields and even along roads.


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