Saturday, December 10, 2011


foochow_kampuaOne Good stuff: the Foochow kompia. :)

Used to eat kompia after school, really good plain with a bit of lo-teng (braised meat gravy). Often served stuffed with minced pork like in the above photo. I remember paying 20 sen for a piece of plain kompia (with gravy) more than a decade ago. Today, they go for about 60-80 sen for a stuffed one.

In Kuching, I used to buy kompia from a foochow couple operating a stall in Expert Cafe, RH Plaza. They don’t seem to be selling there anymore, anyone know of any other good place in Kuching, drop me a note!

A blogger friend’s written a few posts about the simple but delicious kompia, if you’d like to know more, google “kompia sarawakiana” or visit her blog here:


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Sarawaklens..thanks for mentioning my blog..

Kong Fatt near Baru Bian's Office (near peternak) has kompia and dieh bian.

I hope my info is correct. Hope you find the place and correct me if I am wrong. That place also has very special fish laksa.

Anonymous said...

Ben Bow Bow Cafe also got. at Ban hock Road ,next to Dr Loh klinik

Ah Ngao

sarawaklens said...

@sarawakiana, never heard of that one but thanks for the info.
@Ah Ngao, you mean sin bao bao? I know they have nice Tian pian ngu.

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