Friday, December 30, 2011

Bulbophyllum sp.



Don’t recall the name. Currently blooming. Quite a big clump, probably has flowered a few times before but because I have it under a shady mango tree away from the main shade house, I might have missed the flowers.

Not the only current bloomer, got one nice species dendrobium too, forget the name, but didn’t take any photos. Flowers were already quite old when I found it in bloom which is a pity ‘cause I’ve actually been waiting probably since 2007 to see the flowers!.

Then there’s that beautiful Coelogyne zurowetzii I mentioned a few posts down, will post photos tomorrow.


matanggerik said...

cute! bulbo apodum?

sarawaklens said...

Could be, thanks!

Ann said...

My parents used to grow orchids in the 60s, these ones seem to be new species.

Yes, that part of Sibu I think is Esplanade. I was visiting in 1991, and was quite surprised Sibu had changed a lot.

sarawaklens said...

Ann, orchids are hard work! Anyway, I haven't been to that part of Sibu in a really long time!

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