Friday, December 23, 2011

Chung Tze Seafood, Kuching

Located near RH Plaza (behind Siang Siang Cafe), BDC, this is one of our favourite chu-chau when eating out in Kuching. Food is delicious and prices are very reasonable. Lots of people during the weekends and public holidays so come early or there won’t be any empty tables left!

We often eat here and last night we had salted egg crab, lean pork with salted fish, belacan midin, Vietnam style prawns, haisiam teng and fresh coconuts.

Salted egg crab, simply crabtastic!

Vietnam style prawns (mildly spicy). This was very nice, sweet-sour, spicy, a bit like tom yam to me.

The ever-popular belacan midin, a type of jungle fern popular in Sarawak (considered one of our signature dishes along with kolo mee, Sarawak laksa, umai, terubok etc.).

The only disappointment… haisiam teng (sea cucumber soup). Bland and watery.

Yummy-licious lean pork with salted fish, we never miss ordering this when we eat here.

Almost every table was full, the outdoor tables were empty cause there was a light drizzle.

Total bill for 3 persons, RM90 on the dot. RM44 for the two crabs. Three fresh coconuts paid for separately, RM3 each.

Very satisfying dinner. :)


vinesandspines said...

nice. looks good. id really like to try that jungle fern.

sarawaklens said...

@Vines, the midin? very popular dish!

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