Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paphiopedilum sp. finally flowering

Got this one from a friend a few years ago. I don't remember what it is anymore, maybe Paph. niveum. Long wait has been worth it as I found two buds this morning, a nice surprise. Ironically, my other paphs which I planted properly in ochid pots with suitable media have not fared well, most have died off due to rot and other diseases. This one however, I simply inserted in a cut PET bottle with natural moss from a tree; not only has it survived, it has started to flower too!

I'm hoping there will be more side growths after the flowers fade. I think in the two or three years I've had it, I only fertilized it once. It is kept away from rain and watered only two or three times a week. Sheltered from rain or not, my other mottled leaf paphs don't do well either way. They're such fragile things and also why I've stopped adding to my orchid collection since a couple of years ago; just too much work and heartache when they get infected by diseases or attacked by pests such as spider mites.

Will post more photos once the flowers open.

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Sarawakiana@2 said...

I agree....orchids are very fragile. I used to have cataleyas ...they seldom flowered and they cost a lot...heart aches.

sarawaklens said...

@sarawakiana, hybrid cattleyas are actually quite easy and rewarding if they start producing flowers. They love plenty of light but watch out for leaf rot. Are you still keeping orchids?

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